Telebasis igapocola sp. nov., a new damselfly from Amazonian Peru and Brazil (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)


To date 57 species of Telebasis have been described. Most are Neotropical species, only three extending North of Mexico. From Peru 17 species were known. Most are found in the Amazonian lowlands; two are known from higher elevations in the Andes. From Brazil 26 species were known. In this article another Neotropical species is described, hereby named Telebasis igapocola. Males of this species differ from other described species of Telebasis with a black and red abdomen by the shape of cerci, paraprocts and genital ligula. Cerci are as long as paraprocts with a blunt tip. Genital ligula has a sharp-angled arrow-shape in ventral view. Females can be distinguished from other Telebasis species by the shape of the prothorax with two approximate processes curving caudad.

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