The complete mitochondrial genome of the broad-winged damselfly Mnais costalis Selys (Odonata: Calopterygidae) obtained by next-generation sequencing


We used next-generation sequencing to characterise the complete mitochondrial genome of the damselfly Mnais costalis (Odonata, Calopterygidae). Illumina paired end reads were mapped against COI and 16S sequences from M. costalis and then extended using an iterative de novo map procedure. The final assembly was a contiguous sequence of 15,487 bp, which contained all standard mitochondrial coding regions and the putative A+T rich region. The gene configuration of the M. costalis mitogenome is similar to that of other odonates, comprising 13 protein-coding genes, large and small rRNA genes, and 22 tRNA genes. We found three intergenic spacers that are also present in all available whole odonate mitogenomes. Base composition of the M. costalis mitogenome is 40% (A), 20% (C), 14% (G) and 26% (T), with a high A+T content (66%). The characterisation of the complete mitochondrial genome of M. costalis adds to the growing list of mitogenomes currently available for odonates, and will help to improve primer design for future population genetic studies. A phylogenetic analysis including the currently available mitochondrial genome sequences of odonates suggests that Epiophlebia superstes is more closely related to the Zygoptera than to the Anisoptera.

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