Description of the larva of Argia jujuya Ris (Coenagrionidae) with a key to species from the Argentinean Yungas cloud forest


The previously unknown larva of Argia jujuya Ris, 1913 is described, diagnosed and illustrated. Among other characters, the following combination is important to distinguish it from other species in the genus: antennae with six concolorous segments, ligula projected only slightly, row of small premental setae present, abdominal sternum 8 almost entirely covered with spiniform setae, gonapophyses with pointed apices slightly diverging distally, cercus triangular, caudal lamellae subequal in length and triquetral along entire length, with fringe of stout setae along entire dorsal and ventral margins. Larvae were collected in very small and thickly vegetated streams, with low water current. A key for the three species known as larvae in NW Argentina is presented.

Issue section: Article