Two dragonfly species (Insecta: Odonata) migrating at Dakhla (region of Oued Ad-Dahab Lagouira, Morocco)


Large numbers of migrating imagos of Anax ephippiger were observed from the end of January to March 2012 at Dakhla Bay, Southern Morocco, in an area where long-lasting fresh and brackish waters are lacking, and thus which is unfavourable for the reproduction of Odonata. This supports well the classical scheme of northward mass migration of the species along the Atlantic coast of Africa, induced by autumnal mass emergences in the Sahel as a result of the summer African monsoon. Small numbers of Sympetrum fonscolombii were previously temporarily recorded from the same area in July 2011. They were probably nomadic individuals of which the origin could not be verified, but which could have been involved in long distance vagrancy, typical of the species, due to the scarcity of fresh and brackish water in the area.

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