Heteragrion makiritare sp. nov with descriptions of hitherto unknown females and larvae of other species from Venezuela (Odonata: Megapodagrionidae, Lestidae)


Heteragrion makiritare sp. nov. is described from two males from the Pantepui region – holotype: Venezuela, Amazonas State, Marahuaka, Sima (3°43′N, 65°31′W), 1,140 m a.s.l., MIZA, no. 17250. It belongs in the species group whose paraprocts are absent in the male sex. The identity of H. macilentum is elucidated by examining its lectotype and a syntype, which resulted to be not conspecific. The females of H. breweri and Philogenia ferox are described for the first time. The ultimate instar exuviae of H. bariai, H. breweri, H. chlorotaeniatum and H. mitratum are figured and compared. Figures of the female intersternite of these species, and of H. pemon, are provided. The larva of Sciotropis cyclanthorum, as well as the ultimate instar exuviae of Archilestes tuberalatus and Lestes apollinaris are described and illustrated.

Issue section: Article