Critical species of Odonata in the Levant


Of the 86 Odonata species so far recorded for the Levant, four are considered as endangered (Calopteryx hyalina, C. syriaca, Ceriagrion georgifreyi, Pseudagrion torridum hulae), six as vulnerable (Coenagrion vanbrinckae, P. sublacteum mortoni, Gomphus kinzelbacbi, Onychogomphus macrodon, Brachythemis fuscopalliata, Crocotbemis sanguinolenta), and two as extinct (Rhyothemis semihyalina syriaca, Urothemis edwardsi hulae). The history of odonatological research in the Levant is outlined. The creation of protected areas for vulnerable and endangered species is suggested and a number of suitable sites proposed.

Issue section: Article