Fooled by the double: Brachythemis liberiensis is Parazyxomma flavicans, with a note on the Zyxommatini (Odonata: Libellulidae)


A comparison of the description of Brachythemis liberiensis with material of B. leucosticta and Parazyxomma flavicans has shown that B. liberiensis is a synonym of P. flavicans. B. liberiensis should be removed from the list of threatened African Odonata. The relationships between the genus Brachythemis and the Zyxommatini are briefly discussed. Further arguments for a close relationship between the two are provided. The genus Parazyxomma should be retained for flavicans, which combines characters of Brachythemis and typical Zyxommatini, such as Tholymis and Zyxomma.

Issue section: Article