Natural history and description of the dendrolimnetic larva of Coryphagrion grandis (Odonata)


The morphology of the last stadium larvae of the African Coryphagrion grandis is described for the first time, based on one exuvia and three last instar larvae from Kenya. Taxonomically important morphological characters are illustrated and discussed. Important characters are the shape of the larval caudal appendages, the labial palpi and the branched setae on the inner side of tibiae and tarsi. Notes on habitat conditions are given and compared with results for other odonate species, which are known to breed in phytotelmata. The systematic position of Coryphagrion is briefly discussed. Coryphagrion is hypothesised to be phylogenetically closely related with the neotropical family Pseudostigmatidae based on larval morphology, adult morphology, behaviour and ecology.

Issue section: Article