Additions to the knowledge of Sympetrum sinaiticum, Dumont (Odonata: Libellulidae)


New information shows that S. sinaiticum, is not divided into subspecies, as hitherto supposed. The subspecific name tarraconense, Jödicke, 1994 must be regarded as a junior synonym of sinaiticum., In contrast, the name arenicolor, Jödicke, 1994 denotes a taxon at full species rank, characterized by its larval and ligula morphology. This species is taxonomically identical to S. s. deserti, Jödicke, 1994. Since the latter name has been established in the same work, we determine the precedence of arenicolor, as the valid name for the Asiatic species. Range, seasonality, and habitat selection of S. sinaiticum, are outlined.

Issue section: Article