Distribution, habitat requirements and conservation of Macromia splendens Pictet (Odonata: Corduliidae) in Galicia (NW Spain)


The range of Macromia splendens, a rare anisopteran, includes SE France and some scattered localities on the Iberian Peninsula. During 1996-1998, I made an exhaustive search for the characteristics of the species’ larval and adult habitat, flight period and adult activity in NW Spain. Nine populations were found, greatly increasing its known range. Adults were observed on slowly flowing rivers, with deep, warm water. Seven populations were found on natural rivers, but two inhabited man-made hydroelectric reservoirs, where aquatic and riverine vegetation are absent. One population was found inside a Natural Park. Populations concentrated in zones with a mean annual temperature higher than 13°C. Larvae live among tree roots or flattened on the muddy substrate and emerge in May-June from eggs laid in June-July two years earlier. Pollution and habitat destraction are the main problems for the conservation of this species.

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