Diel pattern of activity of Lestes macrostigma at a breeding site (Odonata: Lestidae)

Monitoring methods always recommend gathering data during the maximal activity of adults. Hence monitoring the threatened Lestes macrostigma requires knowledge of its activity pattern. Dragonfly “activity” is ambiguous and its intensity can be assessed in different ways, including by the threshold of response to a predator stimulus, i.e. “awareness”. We studied the daily pattern of…

To stay or not to stay: Decision-making during territorial behaviour of Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis and Calopteryx splendens splendens (Zygoptera: Calopterygidae)

The effect of copulation and presence of predators on territorial behaviour of male Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis (in southern France) and of male C. splendens splendens (in northern Germany) was studied in nature. A male obtaining a copulation early in the day often secured more copulations later that day than did males not obtaining an early copulation….