New records of Odonata (Insecta) for the extreme northwest of the Brazilian Amazon

Brazil hosts a wide range of Odonata species, including many hitherto unde¬scribed ones, especially in remote and unexplored regions where logistics are difficult. The northwestern Brazilian Amazon is an example of this situation, and many locations still need to be sampled there and have their taxonomic inventories compiled.

New records of polymorphism in Asian libellulid dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata)

Polymorphism has rarely been reported from dragonflies of the Libellulidae (Odonata: Anisoptera) family. Here, we report female-limited polymorphism in females of five species of the Libellulidae and a gynandromorph male of Brachythemis contaminata from South Asia. We describe the morphological variation between andromorph and heteromorph females, and collate records of andromorph females from various sources….

New records of the Paleotropical migrant Hemianax ephippiger in the Caribbean and a review of its status in the Neotropics

Tropical America is currently experiencing the establishment of a new apex insect predator, the Paleotropical dragonfly Hemianax ephippiger (Odonata: Aeshnidae). H. ephippiger is migratory and is suggested to have colonised the eastern Neotropics by chance Trans-Atlantic displacement. We report the discovery of H. ephippiger at three new locations in the Caribbean, the islands of Bonaire,…

Three new libelluline dragonflies from southern Venezuela, with new records of other species (Odonata: Libellulidae)

Elasmothemis rufa sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela, Amazonas, Río Cataniapo), Macrotbemis taurepan sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela, Bolívar, El Paují), and Oligoclada garrisoni sp. nov. (holotype: Venezuela: Amazonas, San Fernando de Atabapo) are described and illustrated. All holotypes are deposited at MIZA. Macrothemis heteronycha and Micrathyria paruensis are recorded from Venezuela for the first time, and Micrathyria…

New records of Crocothemis sanguinolenta (Burmeister, 1839) from Israel, with a critical note on the subspecies arabica, Schneider, 1982

New records of Crocothemis sanguinolenta (Burmeister, 1839) from Israel, with a critical note on the subspecies arabica, Schneider, 1982 Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstraa, Niels J. Dingemansea MS Leiden, The Netherlands International Journal of Odonatology, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 169-171, 2000 1 November 2000 (Received: 30 October 1999, Accepted: 22 December 1999) Full text PDF Copyright (more…)

Additions to the dragonfly genus Lauromacromia, with description of the female of Lauromacromia luismoojeni and new distributional records (Odonata: Corduliidae s.l.)

Taxonomic, morphological and distributional data on three species of the rare South American corduliid genus Lauromacromia Geijskes, 1970 are updated based on specimens collected recently and old specimens deposited in natural history collections. The female of the poorly known Lauromacromia luismoojeni (Santos, 1967), an endemic species from the Brazilian Cerrado, is illustrated, described and diagnosed…