Nososticta rufipes sp. nov. from Misool, with notes on the other Nososticta species on the Bird’s Head Peninsula and the Raja Ampat, Indonesia (Zygoptera: Platycnemididae)

Nososticta rufipes sp. nov. is described from Misool Island (Indonesia, Papua Barat, Kabupaten Raja Ampat). New records and notes on the species of the genus Nososticta on the Bird’s Head Peninsula and Raja Ampat Islands are presented. Nososticta lorentzi (Lieftinck, 1938) is placed in synonymy with N. nigripes (Ris, 1913).

Critical species of Odonata in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei

Malaysia, Brunei and the Indonesian archipelago comprise a total land area of ca 1.84 million km2 including ca 13,000 islands, lying entirely within the tropics. The region is bisected by Wallace’s line and supports a rich Oriental fauna to the west (Sundaland) and mainly Australian elements to the east. Taxonomic studies throughout the region were…