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ICO2017 – 

In the current political climate it would be unwise to try to hold a well-attended ICO2017 in Annaba, Algeria. This is largely a matter of perception as there is no objective evidence that Algeria is anything but a safe destination. However, as we experienced at Xalapa (swine flu … later established as originating in the USA) and Odawara (irrational fear of radiation leaks from Fukushima), perception is everything, and a good Congress needs the more peripheral attendees for success.

ICO2017 is now scheduled for Clare College, Cambridge, UK from 16-20 July 2017.

The 2017 Congress was intended for the ‘Europe’ area. There has never been a Congress in Britain despite there being a long history of dragonfly research coming from the British Isles.

I have asked Boudjéma to continue as the convenor of the scientific programme and to head the grants committee.
For the moment I will try to handle the logistics.
Closer to the day we will need local support.

We will endeavour to support young workers from the north African region to the maximum extent possible.

Three special Cambridge-linked sessions are planned:
– Ten years since Philip (celebrating the contributions of Philip Corbet)
– Dragonfly vision (where Cambridge scientists made fundamental contributions)
– Dragonfly flight (celebrating the contributions of Charlie Ellington)

The Congress logo will be a stylised Anax imperator – representing Philip Corbet’s PhD research, and an animal which occurs in Algeria,

Richard Rowe
International Congress Coordinator.