Welcome to the Worldwide Dragonfly Association. The WDA is an international

organization dedicated to research, conservation and public awareness of dragonflies

and damselflies. On this site, we offer information of our activities, details on past and

future international conferences, opportunities for young researchers, and details about

WDA membership. Our scientific society produces its own journal, the International

Journal of Odonatology, dedicated to current research on the Odonata, an ancient and

beautiful order of insects. Issues of IJO are available to the membership via this web


As predators in both their aquatic larval stage and as airborne adults, dragonflies and

damselflies span aquatic and terrestrial habitats in ecosystems that vary from deserts to

tropical rain forests. Because fresh water is so critical to their lifestyle, these insects are

used as indicators of ecological health of their habitats. Increasingly, odonates offer

opportunities to alert the public of how humans are changing the natural world. We

invite Odonate enthusiasts of all stripes to use links here for more information about the

order and to join us as members of our international family.

Warm wishes,

Ola Fincke, President of WDA