Student ICO Grants

A small number of travel grants will be made available to assist students (undergraduate or post-graduate) in attending the congress. The amount of the grant will depend on individual need.   Successful candidates will be expected to give an oral or poster presentation at the congress. Applications, including a preliminary Abstract, should be submitted via (more…)

Cyprus Dragonflies & Damselflies

It was apparent in 2012 that there was a lack of data on dragonflies, not only on Cyprus but in the eastern Mediterranean in general, so it was decided to set up the Cyprus Dragonfly Study Group (CDSG). Since the beginning of 2013 the group has been carrying out regular monitoring at sites on the (more…)

Winter survival by dragonfly adults in the Cape Floristic Region

Little is known about the ability of adult dragonfly individuals to survive into or over the winter in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR), a significant biodiversity hotspot in South Africa. Dragonfly species richness and abundance were recorded throughout winter and into spring in Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. Several environmental variables were also measured. Individuals of eight…


The 2021 International Congress of Odonatology (ICO) will be held 20-25 June 2021 in the resort town of Paphos, on Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean.

The name-bearing types of Odonata held in the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe, with systematic notes on Afrotropical taxa. Part 1: introduction and Anisoptera

Orthographic details of 118 name-bearing types of Odonata are provided in two parts: the first and present paper deals with Anisoptera, the second with Zygoptera. 58 types pertain to good species, although the taxonomy of at least four is problematic. The details of 11 ‘holotypes’ of forms are also provided, although these and their names…