Additions to the dragonfly genus Lauromacromia, with description of the female of Lauromacromia luismoojeni and new distributional records (Odonata: Corduliidae s.l.)

Taxonomic, morphological and distributional data on three species of the rare South American corduliid genus Lauromacromia Geijskes, 1970 are updated based on specimens collected recently and old specimens deposited in natural history collections. The female of the poorly known Lauromacromia luismoojeni (Santos, 1967), an endemic species from the Brazilian Cerrado, is illustrated, described and diagnosed…

Larval habitat and behaviour of Phenes raptor (Odonata: Petaluridae): a review of current knowledge, with new observations

Phenes raptor is one of only two petalurid dragonflies with a documented non-fossorial larval lifestyle. There have been few reported observations of larvae and their habitat, and the behaviour and ecology of this unique South American species remain largely unknown. This paper provides a review of previously published and unpublished information, and new observations on…

A synopsis of the genus Telebasis (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

In this synopsis all 50 species of the primarily neotropical genus Telebasis are keyed, diagnosed, and illustrated. Helveciagrion is considered a junior subjective synonym of Telebasis, T. coccinata a junior subjective synonym of T. coccinea, and T. limoncocha a junior subjective synonym of T. griffinii. Six new species from South America are described: T. carvalhoi…

WDA to host virtual event on 15 July

In view of the ICO2021 postponement to 2023, the WDA is organizing a virtual online event for 15th July 2021. The meeting will take place on Zoom and will commence at 10 AM GMT. There will be the screening of the winners of the short videos of field work contest, plenary talks by members about (more…)

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