Two new species of Pyrrhargiolestes, with a key to the males (Odonata: Argiolestidae)

Two new species belonging to the endemic New Guinea genus Pyrrhargiolestes are described from Papua New Guinea: P. lamington sp. nov. (holotype: Mount Lamington, Oro Province, dep. in RMNH) and P. yela sp. nov. (holotype: Rossel Island, Milne Bay Province, dep. in USNM). The presumed male of P. aulicus is described for the first time….

Generic revision of Argiolestidae (Odonata), with four new genera

The subfamily Argiolestinae is raised to family level to include all zygopteran genera in which the gills of the larvae are flat and held in a horizontal plane. A diagnosis of the family is given and characters for both adults and larvae are presented. The family is divided into two subfamilies based on characters in…

Lanthanusa bilineata sp. nov. from New Guinea (Odonata: Libellulidae)

Lanthanusa bilineata, a new libellulid from the mountains of central New Guinea (holotype: Mekil Research Station (04°48′ S, 141°39′ E), leg. 1 September 2004, dep. at RMNH, Leiden), is described. The new species combines characteristics previously used to distinguish between Huonia and Lanthanusa with wing venation characteristic of the genus Huonia and accessory genitalia characteristic…

Using distance sampling to quantify Odonata density in tropical rainforests

Quantitative data are essential for many aspects of ecological research. Several methods exist to quantify odonate abundance, but complications may arise when abundances in different habitats need to be compared. In this study, I explored a technique that can overcome the variable detectability of odonates in habitats with different visibility. Distance sampling is briefly introduced…

Nososticta rufipes sp. nov. from Misool, with notes on the other Nososticta species on the Bird’s Head Peninsula and the Raja Ampat, Indonesia (Zygoptera: Platycnemididae)

Nososticta rufipes sp. nov. is described from Misool Island (Indonesia, Papua Barat, Kabupaten Raja Ampat). New records and notes on the species of the genus Nososticta on the Bird’s Head Peninsula and Raja Ampat Islands are presented. Nososticta lorentzi (Lieftinck, 1938) is placed in synonymy with N. nigripes (Ris, 1913).