Paphos International Airport is very convenient, being 15km by road, a 20 min drive, from Neapolis University. It is served by several airlines from most major European cities. The 612 bus operates from the airport and there is a stop immediately outside the university. The journey takes 29 min (according to the operator’s website) and currently costs €1.50 full fare and €0.75 for students. After 21:00 the fares go up to €2.50 and €1.25 respectively. The service operates every 70 min, from 07:35 in the morning through to 01:05 in the night. Taxis, depending on the operator, may cost between €16 and €30.

Larnaca International Airport is larger and has more flight options but is 130 km by road, a ca. 90 min drive, from Neapolis University. There are several bus options, but depending upon arrival time, the best option is probably to take the Airport Express to Limassol and then connect with the Limassol to Paphos intercity bus. The cost of this is very modest. A taxi fare is likely to be around €100. Flying in to Larnaca is decidedly a lot less convenient than flying directly into Paphos.

Note that prices that are paid on the ground in Cyprus are in euros. All other costs on the WDA website are in pounds.