Paphos is one of the best bases for dragonfly sorties on Cyprus. The precipitation pattern and topography result in the main rivers on Cyprus flowing down the south-western slopes of the Troodos Massif close to Paphos and many of the island’s lotic species are restricted to this area. For the mid-congress field trip we will be splitting into smaller groups and visiting sites in two of the island’s main river valleys – the Ezousa and Diarizos valleys. As the day progresses and becomes hotter, we will climb to cooler higher altitudes and have a late lunch at a trout farm restaurant at 1300 m asl.

The costs for the trip for delegates are included in the registration fees. If requested, accompanying guests may be able to join if space permits at a cost of £45.

Please note that for netting, a permit from the relevant authority is required. These are normally only issued for identification purposes for research and stipulate that the specimen must be released unharmed. An additional permit is required for collecting and is only issued for specified research purposes. We would, however, request that delegates do not net or collect Ischnura intermedia specimens under any circumstances.  This species is extremely fragile and endangered. There are likely to be more delegates at the congress than I. intermedia specimens that we know about in the wild!


The three-day post-congress field trip will be based in Paphos with an 8 am morning departure each day from Neapolis University. We can give an assurance that, whatever the numbers, this post-congress trip will go ahead. There will be no overlap with sites visited during the mid-congress field trip. The programme will depend on the state of sites nearer the time of the visits, but we have in mind a day in the Diarizos valley, another day in sites around the Akrotiri , Germasogeia and Nicosia area, and a third day around sites in the Paphos area. This should give a good coverage of the habitats of the most interesting species and the ones likely to be on delegates’ wish list. It is difficult to set a precise price because of uncertainty of numbers wishing to join. The cost will initially be set at £180 per person, which includes transport and lunches, and a refund will be given if expenses turn out to be lower.