Acronym (Bridges)Current CodenCollection Name (Bridges)Updated NameLocation# of specimensproportion digitizedproportion imagedGBIFName-bearing types (Bridges 1994)Name-bearing types 2021HolotypesSyntypesLectotypesNeotypesWebsiteOther/Notes
??Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation DepartmentHong Kong, China, Asia02322Keith Wilson notes types are held here
ABMMABMMColeção Ângelo Barbosa Monteiro MachadoColeção Especial Ângelo Barbosa Monteiro Machado, Centro de Coleções Taxonômicas da Universidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte, Brazil, South America055The specimens of the ABMM Colletion are still being processed. According to the numbers provided by Dr. Machado (2015), the colletion has 35.250 specimens and 105 holotypes.
AMGAMGSAlbany MuseumAlbany MuseumGrahamstown, South Africa, Africa0%1
AMNHAMNHAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryNew York City, New York, United States of America, North America~193285%25%28261214
AMNZAukland War Memorial MuseumAuckland, New Zealand, Oceania244063%2%22
AMAMSAustralian MuseumAustralian MuseumSydney, Australia, Australia~10K80%33%1111101
ANDESMuseo de Historia Natural, Universidad de los AndesBogota, Colombia, South America11
ANICANICAustralian National Insect CollectionAustralian National Insect CollectionCanberra, Australia, Australia75
ANSPANSPAcademy of Natural SciencesAcademy of Natural SciencesPhiladelphia, United States of America, North America68
BBMHBPBMBernice P. Bishop MuseumBernice P. Bishop MuseumHonolulu, Hawaii, United States of America, North America12
BYU-LSMBYUCBrigham Young University Life Science MuseumProvo, Utah, United States of America, North America~2000011
CASCASCCalifornia Academy of SciencesCalifornia Academy of SciencesSan Francisco, California, United States of America, North America~2100014%01922120100
BAUCAUBeijing Agricultural UniversityChina Agricultural UniversityBeijing, China, Asia1
CEUAColección Entomológica de la Universidad de AntioquiaMedellin, Colombia, South America1515Universidad de Antioquia, Instituto de Biologia, Colección Entomologica
CMCMNHCarnegie Museum of Natural HistoryCarnegie Museum of Natural HistoryPittsburgh, United States of America, North America53
CSCACalifornia State Collection of ArthropodsSacramento, California, United States of America, North America100000044
CUCUICCornell University CollectionIthaca, United States of America, North America~2800000109116
CUMCUMZCambridge University MuseumCambridge University Museum of ZoologyCambridge, United Kingdom, Europe1
-DZUP-Coleção Entomológica Padre Jesus Santiago Moure, Departamento de Zoologia, Universidade Federal do ParanáCuritiba, Brazil, South America5,00041%100%033000
HUSEIHUEntomological Institute, Hokkaido UniversityEntomological Institute, Hokkaido UniversitySapporo, Japan, Asia1
SXTUEISCShaanxi Teacher's UniversityShaanxi Agricultural University, Entomological InstituteXi'an, China, Asia1
EMBEMBTEntomological Museum, Department of AgricultureEntomological Museum, Department of AgricultureBangkok, Thailand, Asia1
FAALF.A.A.Lencioni private collectionJacareí, Brazil, South America4900100%01313
FACCFACSBiological Control Institute, Fujian Agricultural CollegeFujian Agricultural CollegeFujian, China, Asia11
IFMLFMLInstituto de EntomologiaFundacion Miguel LilloSan Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, South America66
FMNHFMNHField Museum of Natural HistoryField Museum of Natural HistoryChicago, Illinois, United States of America, North America~510065%07
FSCAFSCAFlorida State College of ArthropodsFlorida State Collection of ArthropodsGainesville, Florida, United States of America, North America~80000012%092178176011additional hundreds of paratypes, Acanthagrion speculum and Ophiogomphus Australis primary types are missing. /The new fsca web site does not have the Odonata on it yet/best source for now including list of types is
MNHBHNHMMusei Nationalis HungariciBudapest, Hungary, Europe9
ICNInstituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad NacionalBogotá, Colombia, South America22
ICN-MHN-EnColección de Entomología del Instituto de Ciencias NaturalesBogotá, Colombia, South America2795
LUMIEVBLiége University MuseumUniversité de Liege, Institut de Zoologie [Institut Ed. Van Beneden]Liége, Belgium, Europe2
IFANIFANInstitut Fondamental d'Afrique NoireInstitut Fondamental d'Afrique NoireDakar, Senegal, Africa2Fro KD: collection may no longer exist, types may be in Paris
FMLTIFMLFundacion Miguel LilloInstituto Fundación Miguel LilloTucuman, Argentina, South America7
FRIDDIFRIForest Research InstituteIndian Forest Research InstituteDehra Dun, India, Asia3
INHSINHSIllinois Natural History SurveyIllinois Natural History SurveyChampaign, IL, United States of America, North America~1500096%<1%1220004 paratypes
INPAColeção Entomológica do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da AmazôniaInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas da AmazôniaManaus, Brazil, South America3901033000See list available at KOROIVA, R.; BRASIL, P. G.; NEISS, U. G.; VILELA, D. S.; HAMADA, N. Dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) housed in the Invertebrate Collection of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Brazil. HETAERINA. , v.2, p.14 - 23, 2020
IORIIORIInternational Odonata Research InstituteInternational Odonata Research InstituteGainesville, United States of America, North America00040now incorporated into FSCA collectionMerged into FSCA Collection ca 2005
IBASNISEAInstitute of Systematics and Ecology of AnimalsRussian Adacemy of Sciences, Institute for Systematics and Ecology of AnimalsNovosibirsk, Russia, Asia6There is some controversi in abbreviation: it is considered that collections of the Institute are Siberian Zoological Museum, Novosibirsk, so mostly used abbreviation is SZMN ISEA
IZCASIZCASInstitute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of scienceChinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of ZoologyBeijing, China, Asia18
JARZCJames Alexander Ratter Zoobotanic CollectionNova Xavantina, Brazil, South America20,000100%011000
LSLLSLThe Linnean Society, LondonThe Linnean SocietyLondon, UK, uk, Europe55100%`100%
LUNZEntomology Research Collection, Lincoln UniversityLincoln, New Zealand, Oceania35000223 paratypes
MACNMACNMuseo Argentino de Ciencias NaturalesMuseo Argentina de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia"Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America2
MZB/MZBJMBBJMuseum Zoologicum BogorienseBogor, Indonesia, 5
MSNBMBCGMuseeo Civico de Storia NaturalMuseo di Scienze Naturali "Enrico Caffi"Bergamo, Italy, Europe1444 holotypes in paleontological collection
MBCMBUCMus. Biol., CaracasUniversidad Central de VenezuelaCaracas, Venezuela, South America1DeMarmels states (3/20/21) that the only museum in Venezuela with types is the MIZA
MZBMCNBMuseu de Zoologia de BarcelonaMuseu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona.Barcelona, Spain, Europe2559~100%0%1277Most specimens belong to L. Navàs Collection
MZBSMCNBMuseu de ZoologiaMuseu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona.Barcelona, Spain, Europe2559~100%0%1277The same institutiion that MCNB, this was the OLD name
MCUB HE-OdHexapoda Collection of El Bosque University Museum of SciencesBogotá, Colombia, SouthAmerica500100%2000
MCZMCZCMuseum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard UniversityMuseum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard UniversityCambridge, United States, North America>50,000 (Miliotis in lit)2%<1%246489 [from Garrison and von Ellenreider, 2019] [889 includes syntype count]105756280Hagen types, Harris/Say collection, significant fossil collection, Selys exchange material. Also see: An annotated list of the types of Odonata housed at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Rosser W. Garrison & Natalia von Ellenrieder 2019.
DMDAMDLAMuseu do Dundo, Aompanhia de DiamantesMuseu do DundoDundo, Angola, Africa001type likely exisits, but unable to confirm at present; Ceriaco is not affiliated with collection, just an active researcher there
MNBMFNBMuseum für Naturkunde BerlinMuseum für Naturkunde Berlin, Leibnitz-Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity ResearchBerlin, Germany, Europe> 38.0001-2%1-2%2about 295 (type specimens, not specified)MS: certainly more types there; see also Turiault (2016, 2018)
MCFMHNCMusée d'Histoire Naturelle, Les Chaux -de- FondsLa Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Europe1KD: I can find out more if others can't
UCVMIZAInstituto de Zoologiã Agrīcola, Universidad Central de VenezuelaMuseo del Instituto de Zoología AgrícolaMaracay, Venezuela, South America80DeMarmels states (3/20/21) that the only museum in Venezuela with types is the MIZA; There are a few collections in Venezuela, which harbor some dragonflies, but the only one with types of any kind I´m sure of, is the MIZA collection, where I work. (Museo del Instituto de Zoología Agrícola "Francisco Fernández Yépez", Faculty of Agronomy, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela. Perhaps, and only perhaps, there may be a smallest number of paratypes of some species at the collection of the MALUZ (Museo de Artrópodos de la Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Zulia State, which has the second largest collection of odes in Venezuela.
No, at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, specifically at the Instituto de Zoología y Ecología Tropical (IZET), in Caracas, there may not be any Odonata left now. Those were of the Racenis collection, and are now all at Maracay.
UTMMIZTInstituto e Museo di Zoologia, Universitá di TorinoUniversità di TorinoTorino, Italy, Europe1Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali?
MLPMLPAFacultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La PlataUniversidad Nacional de La Plata, Museo de la PlataLa Plata, Argentina, South America~1204109001
HalleMLUHZoologisches Museum, Martin Luther Universität. Halle-WittenburgMartin-Luther-Universität, Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen, Zoologische SammlungHalle, Germany, Europe120013
MLUHMLUHZoologisches Museum, Martin-Luther UniversitätZentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen, Zoologische SammlungHalle-Wittenberg, Germany, Europe27
MadridMNCNMuseo Nacional de Ciencias NaturalesMuseo Nacional de Ciencias NaturalesMadrid, Spain, Europe>570064%11212
MNHNMNHNMuseum Nationale d'Histoire NaturelleParis, France, Europe261
MNRJMNRJMuseu Nacional Rio de JaneiroEntomological Collection, Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America1,000,00060105105000FAAL: completely destroyed by fire on September 2, 2018.
MPMMPMMilwaukee Public MuseumMilwaukee Public MuseumMilwaukee, United States, North America0008
MATMRACKoninklijk Museum vor Midden-AfrikaSame as MRACTervuren, Belgium, Europe~6000Types only4120120000working on an inventory
MSNGMSNGMuseeo Civico de Storia Natural "Giancomo Doria"Genova, Italy, Europe4
MSNMMSNMMuseo Civico de Storia NaturaleMuseo Civico de Storia Naturale di MilanoMilan, Italy, Europe1
SMTDMTDStaaliches Museum für TierkundeDresden, Germany, Europe40002
UNSMMUSMUniversity Nac. San ParcoMuseo de Historia Natural de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San MarcosLima, Peru, South America~ 2000001421 paratype and 1 allotype
ZMHFMZH/FMNHZoologiska MuseumFinnish Museum of Natural HistoryHelsinki, Finland, Europe2400010%0%61358
MZLMZLSMusée Zoologique de LausanneLausanne, Switzerland, Europe5800~25%0244
ZIULMZLUZoological Institute, University of LundBiological Museum, Lund UniversityLund, Sweden, Europe15000 (approx.)80%1677
MZFMZUFMuseo Zoologico La SpecolaMuseo di Storia Naturale dell'Università di FirenzeFlorence, Italy, Europeapprox. 8,0000%0%188000Museo di Storia Naturale dell'Università di Firenze
MZSPMZUSPMuseu de Zoologia, Universidade de Sāo PauloMuseu de Zoologia da Universidade de São PauloSāo Paulo, Brazil, South America30,0006%n/a366000
NHMB/NMBNHMBNaturhistorisches MuseumBasel, Switzerland, Europe~500090%02544261440List of type sent by email
ZMUCNHMDZoological Museum of CopenhagenNatural History Museum of Denmark, University of CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark, Europe10.000+1%0%30+
BMNHNHMUKBritish Museum (Natural History)Natural History MuseumLondon, United Kingdom, Europe11000010%10%11861289760704518
NHMVNHMWNaturhistorisches MuseumNaturhistorisches Museum WienVienna, Austria, Europe~155032%6,73%131166130
NRSNHRSNaturhistoriska RiksmuseetStockholm, Sweden, Europe30
NIMNILNational Insect Museum, NARCIslamabad, Pakistan, Asia550 specimens of pre partition of sub continent & 1000 specimens of post partition collection i.e. since inception of Pakistan in 1947only few speciesonly few species01 confirm Calicnemia fortis (of 2014), few under confirmation as many types available in PUSA collection i.e. pre partition collection are tagged with red and pink cards and these are under confirmation by contacting world Odonatological authorities. A manuscript for the Zygoptera collection is under process1Natioanl Insect Musuem has collection under two sections. One section has collection that was inherrited to Pakistan on its Inception in 1947, when it was declared a separate country from the United India (The Sub Continent). In this collection the oldest record of Odonata is of the year 1908. This Collection section is named as PUSA/Pre Partition Section. The other section has insect collection recorded after 1947 and it is named as Post Partition Section. Both the section together have nearly 1550 specimens of Odonata.
NMBZNMBZNational MuseumNatural History Museum of ZimbabweBulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa75
NMIDNMIDNational Museum of IrelandDublin, Ireland, Europeapprox. 5,5000%0119
CMNNMKECorydon MuseumNational Museums of KenyaNairobi, Kenya, Africa4
NMNHSNational Museum of Natural HistorySofia, Bulgaria, Europe20002111
NMNWNational Museum of NamibiaWindhoek, Namibia, AfricaThere are (should be) a few holotypes (Crenigomphus kavangoensis, Trithemis morrisoni, Trithemis palustris); try Eugene Marais
RSMNMSRoyal Scottish MuseumNational Museum of ScotlandEdinburgh, Scotland, Europe123213163K. Morton types
NSMTNSMTNational Science MuseumNational Museum of Nature and ScienceTokyo, Japan, Asia2400estimatino from Takuya Kiyoshi
NZACNZACNew Zealand Arthropod Collection, DSIRNew Zealand Arthropod Collection, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare ResearchAuckland, New Zealand, Oceania2000 approxmost of the collection has been databased into spreadsheets. awaiting data checks and cleaning before import into collection CMS28303014 allotypes; 11 paratypes
ZSINZSIZoological Survey of IndiaCalcutta, India, Asia>30,00040%5%20Collection in ZSI including types is spread across Kolkata and 16 regional centers.
OSUOSUCOhio State UniversityOhio State University, C.A. Triplehorn Insect CollectionOhio, United States, North America~15,0001%0113
UMOOUMNHUniversity Museum, OxfordOxford University Museum of Natural HistoryOxford, United Kingdom, Europe7Selys types
PADAPennsylvania Department of AgricultureHarrisburg, USA, North America8840100000
IRSNRBINSInstitut Royal de Sciences NaturellesRoyal Belgian Institute of Natural SciencesBrussels, Belgium, Europe380working on an inventory
MRACRMCAMusée Royal de l'Afrique CentraleTervuren (Bruxelles), Belgium, Europe66
RNH/RMNHRMNHRijksmuseum van Natuurlijke HistorieNaturalis Biodiversity CenterLeiden, Netherlands, Europe20000030%3.73%585964799121512
ROMTROMERoyal Ontario MuseumToronto, Canada, North America2You can also try Doug Currie ( or Brad Hubley (
SAMSAMASouth Australian MuseumSouth Australian MusuemAdelaide, South Australia, Australia, Australia~47300%0164622conatacted via a generic email (25.ii.2021)
SAMCTSAMCSouth African MuseumIziko Museum of Capetown (formerly South African Museum)Cape Town, South Africa, Africa1From Samways (several types deposited here)
SCAUSouth China Agricultural UniversityGuangzhou, China, AsiaKeith Wilson notes types are held here
SDEISDEISenckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches InstitutMüncheberg, Germany, Europe38001formerly known as Deutsch Entomologische Institut Eberswalde (DEIE)
SMEKSEMCSnow Museum of Entomology, University of KansasUniversity of Kansas, Snow Entomological MuseumLawrence, Kansas, United States, North America1
SMFSMFSenckenbergische Naturforschende Gesselschaft Natur-MuseumForschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum SenckenbergFrankfurt, Germany, Europe> 42.20091
LNKSMNKLandessammlungen für NaturkundeStaatliches Museum für Naturkunde KarlsruheKarlsruhe, Germany, Europe70002 lists the coden as LNKD
TAUTAUTel Aviv UniversitySteinhardt Museum of Natural HistoryTel Aviv, Israel, Asia1
TMHTMAGTasmanian MuseumTasmanian Museum and Art GalleryHobart, Tasmania, Australia69390%0111000
TMTMSATransvaal MuseumDitsong National Museum of Natural History (formerly Transvaal Museum)Pretoria, South Africa, Africa22
UARCMuseo de Historia Natural, Universidad del AtlánticoBarranquilla, Colombia, South America?
UASCMuseo de Historia NaturalMuseo de Historia NaturalSanta Cruz, Bolivia, South Americaworking on gathering information
UCDUCDCUniversity of California, DavisR.M. Bohart Museum of EntomologyDavis, California, United States, North America12,130~16%~16%111
UMMZUMMZIUniversity of Michigan Museum of ZoologyUniversity of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Insect CollectionAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States, North America75,33296%0.34%36241430665412previoulsy Mark O'Brien;
also have 8 Allotypes and 56 paratypes not included in column count...
There are probably about 2000-3000 additional non-type specimens not in the columns representing the part of the Forster collection deposited here. Almost none of the Forster collection is digitized (except the types in the Garrison paper).
UNAMUNAMInstituto de Biologīa, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoCNIN Colección Nacional de Insectos, Instituto de Biología, UNAMMexico City, Mexico, Mexico and Central America35,00070%10
USNMUSNMUnited States National Museum, Smithsonian InstitutionSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History (USNM)Washington, DC, United States, North America110,654100%1%127163157420
WAMPWAMWest Australia MuseumWestern Australian Museum, Collections and Research CentreWelshpool, WA, Australia, Australia~1500>90%011149320
YPMYPMPeabody Museum, Yale UniversityYale Peabody Museum of Natural HistoryNew Haven, Connecticut, United States, North America640599%<1%3types are likely paratypes, cannot confirm at present
RAKBZFMKZoologisches Forschungsinstiut und Museum AlexanderZoologisches Forschungsmuseum "Alexander Koenig"Bonn, Germany, Europe> 18.000~90%0%171716100
BonnZFMKMuseum KoenigBonn, Germany, Europe2MS: same Museum as line 19
ZISPZINZoological Institute of Russian Academy of SciencesSaint-Petersburg, Russia, Europe
ZMAZMANZoölogisch Museum, AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands, Europe22subsumed in Naturalis
ZMHZMHZoologisches Staatsinstiut und Zoologisches MuseumCentrum für Naturkunde, soon to be changed to Leibniz Institut zur Analyse des BiodiversitätswandelsHamburg, Germany, Europe>730050%1%282817740Type catalogue Henningsen et al. 2020, 84 type specimens of 44 species, Some lost
ZMHB, , 2
MKZMKRMuseum Konigsberg, West GermanyKönigsberg, Zoologisches MuseumKonigsberg, Russia, Asia1contacted Oleg Kosterin (25.ii.2021); The "Museum Konigsberg, W Germany" is likely not correct. I suppose this refers to Königsberg (where Hagen was first working), the capital of eastern Prussia, which is since 75 years the Russian province of Kaliningrad; the city is also renamed into Kaliningrad. I don't know how much of the collection survived the war; Oleg may know.
ZMCZMUCZoological Museum of CopenhagenNatural History Museum of Denmark, University of CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark, Europe13
ZMUHZMUHZoologische Institut und Zoologisches Museum, Universität von HamburgHamburg, Germany, Europe730014
ZUMKZMUKZoologisches Universitats MuseumKiel, Germany, Europe~ 100000100000no specimen labelled as type
ZSFQZSFQMuseo del Laboratorio de Zoología TerrestreLaboratorio de Zoología Terrestre, Universidad San Francisco de QuitoQuito, Ecuador, South America783100%<1%1000
UAHodges Collection, University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, Alabama, United States, North America100000type attributed to this collection is actually in the FSCA
MIZA--, -, -1
CZUESCZoological Collection Santa Cruz State UniversityBahia/ Ilhéus, Brazil, South America20001
YUCYenching University CollectionBeijing, China, Asia1closed in 1952? Merged with Peking University
TMBTermeszettudomanyi MuzeumBudapest, Hungary, Europe1may be subsumed under NHMUS
KUCGEKyusyu University, College of General Education, FukuokaFukuoka, Japan, Asia1
RMS, , 1
SPMC, , 1
MCNCMuseo de Ciencias Naturales La SalleSan José, Costa Rica, North America2contacted Bill Haber (2/25/21); Bill provided contact information for Rodriguez
IRSMTInstitute de Recherche Scientifique de MadagascarTananarive, Madagascar, Africa2KD: been there, collection largely destroyed; don't think there are any holotypes, but can maybe find out if pushed :o)
LSLLinnaean Society of LondonLondon, United Kingdom, Europe2
MNBZ, , 2
BENBureau of EntomologyNanjing, China, Asia3same as NAUJ China, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Nanjing Agricultural University?
MCMHFMiné City Museum of History & Folklore, Japan, Asia3
EMUAFEnt. Mus., Univ. Agric.University of Agriculture, FaisalabadLyallpur, Pakistan, Asia31550
IZASInstitute of Zoology, Academia SinicaBiodiversity Research Museum, Academia SinicaSinica, Taiwan, Asia3
ZSUZhongshan Univesity/Sun Yat-sen UniversityGuangzhou, China, Asia4Binglan ZHANG
HTCHanzhong Teacher's CollegeHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyShaanxi, China, Asia4
KIUHKyusyu Imperial University, FukuokaFukuoka, Japan, Asia4
MBUDTermészettudományi Múzeum AllattáraBudapest, Hungary, Europe5
ZMHZCZhejhiang MuseumZhejhiang Museum of Natural HistoryHang Zhou, China, Asia9
DZSEADepartmento de Zoologia del Suelo y EntomologiaMadrid, Spain, Europe11
SIEShanghai Institute of EntomologyShanghai, China, Asia17
_bibliobased on a biliographic reference25
_lostType is known to have been lost or destroyed124
_pcType is in a private collection223