WDA Membership Categories & Dues

Below are listed the different membership categories for joining the Worldwide Dragonfly Association. All categories can be purchased with a subscription to the International Journal of Odonatology (IJO), and there are options for having a printed copy of IJO mailed to you, as well as being granted online access. Check out our member benefits page for more perks of being a WDA member.

Membership dues are collected yearly. You can renew your membership by contacting Alison Paskins (email: Alison.Paskins@tandf.co.uk) and the WDA secretary  (email: wda.secretary@gmail.com) directly.  Alternatively,  students & those in developing nations may be eligible for Sponsored Membership, which requires nomination by a full member. For more information on Sponsored Memberships, check out the this page and contact the WDA Board (via wda.secretary@gmail.com).

Once you’ve decide on a membership category, you can start the registration process by filling out the form here.

Student & developing nations category

This category is open to all students (grade-school, undergraduate, graduate, etc.), as well as any person (student or non-student) who resides in a developing nation. Proof of studentship or developing-nation residency is requested but there are no other strings attached, although we would of course appreciate copies of students’ published material.


  • £10/$14/€11 – no IJO subscription
  • £30/$39/€35 – IJO subscription (online access, only)

Single category

This is the most typical membership category and is for non-students individuals.


  • £27/$39/€31 – no IJO subscription
  • £55/$72/€63 – IJO subscription (online access, only)
  • £60/$78/€69 – IJO subscription (online + print access)

Family category

This category was designed so that 2 or more members of a family, all interested in Odonata, could join the Association as a family instead of being force to take out separate memberships. It comes with up to 4 subscriptions to IJO. To reap the benefits of the family category, you’ll need to be two or more individuals requesting membership, residing in the same household.


  • £70/$91/€81 – IJO subscription (online access, only)
  • £75/$98/€86 – IJO subscription (online + print access)

Affiliated societies category

If your academic or amateur society would like to be affiliated with WDA, please contact the WDA President (via wda.secretary@gmail.com) for more information. Journal subscriptions are available to affiliated societies for distribution to their membership.


  • £80/$114/€92 – IJO subscription (online + print access)

Sponsored membership category

The WDA offers free membership including a subscription to the International Journal of Odonatology in the form of a Sponsored Membership. Read more about this membership category here, and apply by sending the following to the WDA Secretary (wda.secretary@gmail.com):

  • a letter of  recommendation from a WDA member OR your odonatological CV
  • state whether you are unable to afford a membership due to currency or other restrictions