Ecological correlates of odonate assemblages of a Mediterranean stream, Wadi Cherf, northeastern Algeria: implications for conservation

We investigated the odonates of Wadi Cherf, a tributary of Wadi Seybouse, and explored the main environmental factors that may be important drivers of the abundance and diversity of Odonata assemblages. PCA analyses demonstrated a significant altitudinal gradient associated with water flow, temperature, vegetation cover, substrate and adjacent land use. Notably, pollution was a dominant…

Population structure of Polythore procera at a Colombian stream (Odonata: Polythoridae)

We studied a population of Polythore procera along a stream in the Colombian eastern Andean foothills. Mark and recapture samples were made during January to April 2006, covering both dry and wet seasons. We determined population size, daily survival probability, and longevity during the entire period and compared them with precipitation data. Age and sex…

Environmental variables affect the diversity of adult damselflies (Odonata: Zygoptera) in western Amazonia

Our study evaluated the effects of environmental variables on the assemblages of the suborder Zygoptera, and tested the hypothesis that environmental variables are more important determinants of the structure of these assemblages than limnological variables in streams. We sampled 17 streams in the Carajás National Forest and tested our hypothesis using a linear regression analysis, with the zygopteran species composition, richness, and abundance as the response variables.

Environmental impacts from human activities affect the diversity of the Odonata (Insecta) in the Eastern Amazon

Land use influences the biodiversity of stream systems by changing the chemical composition of the water and the physical structure of the habitat. The present study evaluated the influence of these processes on the diversity metrics of Odonata at regional and local scales, testing the hypothesis that the two odonate suborders Anisoptera and Zygoptera will respond differently to habitat and landscape variables.

Determinants of adult odonate community structure at several spatial scales: effects of habitat type and landscape context

Dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) use both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and the abundance and diversity of odonates should be good indicators of habitat integrity. To determine which environmental variables affect odonates, we sampled adult dragonflies three times at 12 sites in Pickens and Greenville Counties, SC, USA, in different habitats, at different spatial scales, across a…