A scientometric analysis on pre- and post-copulatory traits in Odonata

In the last decades, studies on sexual selection in odonates have shown a relationship between mating success and costly sexual ornaments, mainly male characters. Here, we conducted a scientometric analysis to assess the state of art of studies on sexual selection in odonates, especially on the role of male ornamentation (pre-copulatory traits) and sperm competition (post-copulatory traits).

Reproductive behavior of two Argia spp. (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) at an Arizona stream

Here we provide a first report on the reproductive behavior of Argia sabino Garrison and Argia pima Garrison from observations at Sabino Creek, Arizona. Both species reproduce in autumn (September-October) following late summer rainstorms. Tandem pairs of A. sabino submerge to oviposit on rock substrates. The oviposition substrate is abundant and widespread. Male A. sabino…