Landscape variation in the larval density of a bromeliad-dwelling zygopteran, Mecistogaster modesta (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)

In the premontane rain forests of northwest Costa Rica, patches of secondary forest can contain high densities of large Vriesea spp. bromeliads. Such patches contain an average of 6,470 ± 1,080 (s.e.) larvae ha-1 of the bromeliad-dwelling pseudostigmatid, Mecistogaster modesta, ca 3 6× higher than larval densities that we previously reported for adjacent primary forest.

Territorial behaviour associated with feeding in both sexes of the tropical zygopteran, Libellago hyalina (Odonata: Chlorocyphidae)

Territorial behaviour associated with adult odonate feeding in a Bornean rain forest under-storey is described and its underlying causes are analysed. Immature males and females of all ages of Libellago hyalina defended perches along a narrow trail in kerangas forest, concentrating especially around patches of sunlight. Throughout the day there was displacement of individuals as…