Growth, winter preparations and timing of emergence in temperate zone Odonata: control by a succession of larval response patterns

As warm-adapted insects of tropical origin, Odonata cope with cold periods by seasonal regulation and diapause. A model for larval-overwintering species is proposed with three response patterns related to the timing of emergence, which can be predicted from seasonal cues during the last few stadia. For emergence during the present season, there is an often time constrained pre-emergence development, accelerated by long days and higher temperatures.

An emergence study of Petalura gigantea (Odonata: Petaluridae)

Emergence studies in Odonata provide information on the behaviour, ecology and fundamental demographic parameters in population studies. This paper reports on a study of sex ratio at emergence, pattern and duration of the emergence season, and potential cohort splitting in Petalura gigantea. Sex ratio at emergence varied among years, habitat patches and swamp types. Across

Changing distribution patterns along a stream in adults of Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis (Odonata: Calopterygidae): a case of larval-drift compensation?

The distribution of an isolated population of adult Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis was studied along a small stream in NE Spain, during two-week or three-week summer periods over five years. Distribution patterns differed consistently between age groups. Reproductive activities took place along the entire stream, whereas the presence of tenerals and older immature individuals was restricted to…

Aspects of life history of Platycnemis subdilatata (Zygoptera: Platycnemididae) in Northeast Algeria

The determination of seasonal regulation is important to understand how species have adapted to their local environmental conditions. In this study, we investigate the life history of a North African endemic damselfly, Platycnemis subdilatata, in a northeast Algerian population. We combined field and laboratory investigations to assess the embryonic development, larval growth, emergence pattern and…